CyberHawk Features

CyberHawk utilises dozens of different policies and techniques to seek out and report on issues found inside your network including:

Expose unauthorised logins

CyberHawk creates an alert when an unauthorised user logs onto a restricted computer e.g. business owner PC or accounting PC.

Detect breaches

CyberHawk can detect breaches that make it past the firewall and anti-virus thanks to weekly automated internal vulnerability scans.

Critical security patches

Failing to install critical security patches in a timely manner can leave your entire network exposed. CyberHawk reports on missing...

Admin right granted

If a user is granted admin rights CyberHawk will create an alert. Users with admin rights have full access to...

Detect unusual logins

If a user that normally logs in between 9am to 5pm logs in at 2am then you may have a...

Find sensitive information

CyberHawk can find sensitive Personal Identifiable Information (PII) stored on machines where it doesn’t belong.

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