Credit unions

The CBI directs that credit unions should undertake annual penetration testing on their systems. CyberHawk provides weekly automated vulnerability assessments. A penetration test and and vulnerability assessment check for the same flaws. The key difference is a penetration test will seek to exploit a flaw leading to unpredictable results (that can cause downtime) whereas a vulnerability assessment simply report on the flaw found allowing it to be mitigated in a controller manner.

While an annual penetration test / vulnerability assessment is useful, it is quickly out-of-date as a new vulnerability could occur the day after the annual test and remain undetected for months. CyberHawk’s weekly vulnerability assessments ensure this is not the case.

Apart from the weekly vulnerability assessments CyberHawk also monitors and alerts on a wide range of other events which could, if left undetected, compromise the overall security and integrity of your system.

This level of pro-active monitoring builds a comprehensive file that credit union management can share with their board and external auditors to demonstrate the systems and processes in place to ensure compliance with with good cybersecurity practice.

As CyberHawk always has the most up-to-date information at hand it can create reports on demand to show the current state of play.

As we don’t provide credit union financial software we are truly independent and will work closely with you to help you understand the issues that CyberHawk alerts us about and will work with your software / hardware vendors to mitigate these risks.